Weekly Parsha Thoughts

Ki Sisa

The passuk says Hashem is ארך אפים. ארך אפים literally means lengthens, or is slow to anger. Rashi explains Hashem lengthens His anger and doesn’t hurry to punish so a person will have an opportunity repent. The Tomer Devorah says when a...
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The passuk says והקטיר עליו אהרן קטורת “and Aharon shall burn upon it incense.” The following passuk says ובהעלות אהרן את הנרות “and when Aharon lights the candles.” Since the mitzvah of burning the incense and lighting candles is able to be...
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The passuk says that the keruvim were פניהם איש אל אחיו, they faced each other.  In Divrei Hayamim however the passuk says that keruvim were ופניהם אל הבית , they faced the house. The Gemara explains that the way the keruvim faced...
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The passuk says ובכל אשר אמרתי אליכם תשמרו ושם אלהים אחרים לא תזכירו לא ישמע על פיך.   Rashi explains that the first part of the passuk gives each and every mitzvas aseh a warning of a lo saseh. The second part of...
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The last of the Aseres HaDibros is the issur of lo sachmod, not to desire. The Shevet Mussar explains a person is unable attain anything which is not the ratzon Hashem. One can spend his whole life running after things he is...
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The passuk says ותעל שכבת הטל, “and the tal, dew, went up, evaporated.” This teaches that the tal was on top of the mon. However in Parshas Beha’aloscha the passuk says וברדת הטל, the tal descended and the mon was upon it....
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