Weekly Parsha Thoughts

Acharei Mos

The passuk states “and you shall guard My decrees and My laws… וחי בהם and you shall live with them.” What does the Torah mean to teach with וחי בהם? The Rashbam explains if a person does not fulfill the mitzvos he...
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The Mishnah asks: “what is the difference between the Pesach in Mitzrayim and the Pesach for future generations? The Pesach of Mitzrayim needed to be purchased on the 10th of Nissan and required sprinkling with a bundle of hyssop upon the lintel...
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The passuk states; “This is the law of the metzora on the day of his purification,והובא  to the Kohen. Raboseinu Ba’ali Tosfos explain that והובא is comprised of two words: והוא and he, בא comes. This means that the metzora comes on...
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This parsha speaks about different tumos of people; such as a yoledes and a metzora. Last week’s parsha spoke about the different tumos of animals, birds, fish, insects, and grasshoppers. Why does the Torah start teaching about the tumos of animals before...
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The Mishna teaches that the simanim of all kosher animals are stated in the Torah; they have split hooves and chew their cud. However, the simanim of kosher birds are not stated. Rather the Chachamim say there are 24 birds that are...
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The Gemara asks: why don’t we say Hallel on Purim? Rav Nachmon explains the reading of the Megillah itself is the Hallel. HaRav Hutner zatzal adds this means by reading the Megillah we are fulfilling the saying of Hallel. This idea is...
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