Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The passuk states ויקח קרח… and Korach took… and Dasan and Avirom, Eliav’s sons, and Ohn Ben Peles, Reuven’s sons. What did Korach take? Rashi explains Korach convinced two hundred and fifty heads of Sanhedrin with words to join him. Then he...
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The passuk states “the Bnei Yisrael were in the desert and they found a man being מקושש עצים on Shabbos.” Onkelos translates מקושש as “when he was collecting wood” which is the melacha of me’amer. The Gemara brings that they warned him...
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The passuk states בהעלתך את הנרות. Rashi explains the Torah describes lighting with the lashon aliya, ascending. This reflects that one needs to light the menorah until the flame will continue to burn on its own. Rashi brings another explanation, from here...
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In this week’s parsha the Torah describes the process of the sotah which involved many miracles. The passuk states “in the hand of the Kohen shall be מי המרים המאררים.” Onkelos translates as “the bitter water which cause the curses.” Rashi explains...
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The passuk states שאו את ראש כל עדת בני ישראל. Onkelos translates “accept the calculation of the entire gathering of Bnei Yisrael.” Rashi explains in Parshas Ki Sisa: this means when you want to know the total sum of the counting, count...
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The passuk states והבאתי עליכם חרב נקמת נקם ברית. Onkelos translates “and I will bring upon you those who kill with the sword, and they will punish from you the punishment for that which you transgressed (דעברתון) the Torah.” The lashon עברתון...
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