Weekly Parsha Thoughts

Rosh Hashana

The Gemara brings that there are three seforim opened on Rosh Hashanah: the complete tzaddikim are signed immediately for life, the complete resha’im are signed immediately for death, and the בינונים, average people, are held out in doubt until Yom Kippur. If...
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The passuk states ומל ה’ אלוקיך את לבבך ואת לבב זרעך לאהבה את ה’ which literally means “and Hashem will circumcise your heart and your offspring’s heart to love Hashem.” What is the meaning of Hashem circumcising the heart? Onkelos translates the...
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Ki Savo

The passuk states when one brings bikkurim he says the words ארמי אובד אבי as part of expressing his appreciation. Onkelos translates these words as “Lavan the Arami wanted to destroy my father.” The Nesina LaGer brings this is as we say...
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Ki Seitzei

The Gemara brings: Rava said, “how foolish are most people who stand up before a Sefer Torah but do not stand up before a Talmid Chacham. The Sefer Torah states ‘ארבעים יכנו they shall give him forty lashes,’ and the Rabanan came...
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The passuk mentions that the king should have a Sefer Torah with him to learn to fear Hashem, לבלתי רום לבבו מאחיו in order that he should not raise up his heart over his brothers. The Ramban says that here the Torah...
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The passuk states לא תוכל לאכול בשעריך מעשר דגנך ותירושך ויצהריך you are not able to eat in your gateways ma’aser of grain, wine, or oil. Rashi explains the passuk places a lo sa’aseh for eating these things out of the place...
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