Weekly Parsha Thoughts


At the end of 14 years Yaakov asks permission from Lavan to leave. Lavan responds, “If I have found favor in your eyes, I checked into my divinations and recognized that Hashem blessed me because of you,” as it states “ויברכני ה’...
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The pessukim state that Rivka told Yaakov to prepare food to bring to Yitzchok in order to receive Yitzchok’s brachos. Yaakov said, “I am smooth and Eisav is hairy, maybe Yitzchok will feel me and it will be as a mocking, and...
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Chayei Sara

The passuk states that Eliezer asked Rivka “היש בית אביך מקום לנו ללין, Is there in your father’s house a place to sleep overnight?” She responds “גם מקום לנו ללון, There is also place to sleep overnight.” When Lavan hears about Eliezer’s...
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The Gemara brings: anyone who makes himself a מקום קבוע, permanent place, to daven, the G-d of Avraham will be at his assistance… as it states in our parsha “וישכם אברהם בבקר אל המקום אשר עמד שם את פני ה’, and Avraham...
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Lech Lecha

The passuk states, “And Avram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his nephew, and all the possessions that he acquired.”  The passuk then says “ואת הנפש אשר עשו בחרן” “and the souls that they made in Charan.” The Midrash Rabbah asks: if...
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The passuk states that Noach drank wine and became intoxicated, and was uncovered in the tent. Cham saw and told his two brothers outside. Onkelos translates the word בחוץ outside, as in the marketplace, meaning publicly making mention about their father and...
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