Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The passuk states by the tochacha, “ואם תלכו עמי קרי ולא תאבו לשמע לי, and if you will go with Me קרי and you will not desire to listen to Me” Hashem will then smite 7 times for your sins. A bit...
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The passuk states “וכי ימוך אחיך ומטה ידו עמך והחזקת בו גר ותושב וחי עמך, when your brother will become poor, and his hand will collapse with you, you shall strengthen him, the convert and the permanent resident, and let him live...
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The passuk states “ושור או שה אותו ואת בנו לא תשחטו ביום אחד, and an ox or sheep do not slaughter on the same day, it and its offspring.” Rashi explains this applies to a female and her offspring; it does not...
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The passuk states concerning one who brings his son to the Molech idolatry: “עם הארץ ירגמוהו באבן, the people of the land shall pelt him with the stone.” Also, it states “ואם העלם יעלימו עם הארץ, and if the people of the...
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Acharei Mos

The passuk states “ובחקתיהם לא תלכו.” Onkelos translates “and do not follow their ideals and customs (ובנימוסי).” He translates the lashon חק as נימוסי, ideals and customs. The following passuk states “ואת חקתי תשמרו ללכת בהם” which Onkelos translates as “and My...
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The passuk states in the leining of משכו וקחו, “ואמרתם זבח פסח הוא לה’ אשר פסח על בתי בני ישראל במצרים בנגפו את מצרים ואת בתינו הציל, and you shall say, ‘it is a pesach slaughtering, that Hashem was פסח over the...
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