Weekly Parsha Thoughts


In Parshas Eikev the passuk mentions the mitzva of being דבוק in Hashem, as it states ובו תדבק “and in Him you shall cling.” Rashi is bothered: How can a person become connected to Hashem, Hashem is described as אש אכלה הוא,...
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Tisha B’Av

The Gemara brings: the first Beis HaMikdash had five attributes over the second Beis HaMikdash. The first Beis HaMikdash had the Aron, Kapores, and Keruvim, which are counted as one, the fire, the Shechina, ruach haKodesh, and the Urim V’tumim. The second...
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This year the eighth day of Pesach fell out on Shabbos. For Bnei Eretz Yisrael it was Isru Chag, and the leining was Parshas Acharei Mos. However, for Bnei Chutz La’aretz, since it was Yom Tov, the leining was כל הבכור. Only...
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The Gemara brings: A person should always complete his Parshiyos, saying the pesukim two times and Targum Onkelos one time, and even with the words Ataros and Divone, which were from the cities across the Yarden. One who fulfills this mitzva will...
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The passuk states ביום השמיני עצרת “on the eighth day Atzeres” and in Parshas Re’eh the passuk states וביום השביעי עצרת “and on the seventh day (of Pesach) Atzeres.” What does Atzeres mean? And why does the Torah mention Atzeres by the...
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The passuk states that Balak sent messengers to Bilam to call him saying, “Behold the nation went out of Mitzrayim הנה כסה את עין הארץ ‘behold covers the eye of the earth.’” What does עין הארץ mean? And what was Balak’s issue...
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