Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The Ramban brings Rashi and explains that the Urim V’Tumim was the Shem HaMiforash, and it was placed into the folds of the Choshen. The Choshen needed to be doubled, in order to be able to place the Shem HaMiforash inside. The...
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Ki Sisa Haman verses Mordechai

The Gemara wonders, where is Haman in the Torah? Rashi explains the question is this: “where is it hinted at in the Torah that Haman will be hanged?” The Gemara answers in the words hamin ha’eitz.” The Gemara then wonders, “where is...
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The Mishnah teaches that Nicanor had miracles happen with his doors, and they mentioned him for a great praise, and it was said about him zeicher tzaddik l’vracha. The Braisa teaches that Nicanor went to Alexandria of Mitzrayim in order to make...
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The Ramban explains that from the creation and on, Hashem will not give a bracha to create something from nothing. Rabeinu Bachya adds, nor will Hashem give the power to be able to create something from nothing to any person. Rather, Hashem...
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The passuk states, “three times during the year, all your males shall be seen before the Master, Hashem.” This teaches that there is a mitzva for Yisrael to ascend to the Bais HaMikdash for the three Yomim Tovim. The Gemara brings that...
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