Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The passuk states “עקב אשר שמע אברהם בקולי וישמר משמרתי מצותי חקותי ותורותי, since Avraham listened to My voice, and he guarded My watch, My mitzvos, My statutes, and My Toros.” Rashi explains that Avraham listened to Hashem when He tested Avraham,...
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Chayei Sara

The pessukim mention that Eliezer – on his own – asked Hashem for a specific method how to find a bride for Yitzchak. It should happen today, by way of drawing water, and she should say “you and your camels should drink.”...
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The passuk states “וירא אליו ה’ באלוני ממרא, and Hashem appeared to him – Avraham, in the plains of Mamrey.” Rashi explains the reason why Hashem came was to be me’vaker Avraham who was sick because of his circumcision. Rebi Chama says...
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Lech Lecha

The passuk states: “ויהי השמש לבוא, and the sun was setting.” A bit farther it states “ויהי השמש באה, and the sun had set.” The Meshech Chochma says until this parsha the sun was called “מאור הגדול, the great luminary.” When Avraham...
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The Gemara brings: a person should not let a disgraceful thing out of his mouth. This is derived from that which the Torah changed to write the words “אשר איננה טהורה, that which is not tehorah,” in place of the shortened and...
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The passuk states “ותהר ותלד את קין ותאמר קניתי איש את ה, and she conceived and gave birth to Kayin, and she said, ‘I acquired איש את ה.’” What does it mean “I acquired איש את ה’?” Rashi explains when Hashem created...
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