Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The passuk states “לא תשא את שם ה’ אלקיך לשוא כי לא ינקה ה’ את אשר ישא את שמו לשוא.” Simply this means “Do not swear in the name of Hashem for naught, since Hashem will not make innocent he who will...
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After letting Bnei Yisrael go, Pharaoh and the Mitzri’im chased after them. Bnei Yisrael saw the Mitzri’im traveling after them and became frightened. The passuk states “ויצעקו בני ישראל אל ה’ and Bnei Yisrael screamed out to Hashem.” Rashi explains, Yisrael took...
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At the beginning of the parsha Hashem tells Moshe two reasons why He brought the makkos on Mitzrayim. One reason is “למען שתי אתתי אלה בקרבו, in order to place My signs amongst them.” The second reason is, “ולמען תספר באזני בנך…...
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Pharaoh requests from Moshe and Aharon to daven to remove the frogs. Moshe responds, “התפאר עלי למתי אעתיר לך.” Rashi explains התפאר means glorify or boast, as it states “היתפאר הגרזן על החוצב בו will an ax feel glorified over the one...
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The Gemara (סוטה יב:) brings Pharaoh made three decrees against Yisrael. First he said, “אם בן הוא והמתן אתו, if it is a boy, kill him.” Rashi explains, first Pharaoh relied on the midwives and did not appoint guards. When that didn’t...
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The passuk states “דן ידין עמו כאחד שבטי ישראל.” Onkelos translates as “From the house of Dan will be chosen, and a man will arise, in his days his nation will be redeemed, and in his years the tribes of Yisrael will...
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