Weekly Parsha Thoughts

Simchas Torah

The passuk states  “ה’ מסיני בא וזרח משעיר למו הופיע מהר פארן ואתא מרבבות קדש,” which Rashi explains means when Yisrael came to stand at the bottom of the mountain by Har Sinai, Hashem went out towards them, as a groom goes...
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The passuk states Moshe called Yehoshua and said כי אתה תבוא את העם הזה אל הארץ which Onkelos translates as “since you will enter with this nation into the land which Hashem promised.” Further on in the parsha it states כי אתה...
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The passuk states,”הנסתרות לה’ אלוקינו והנגלות לנו ולבנינו עד עולם that which is hidden is to Hashem our G-d and that which is revealed is to us and our children forever.” What are the נסתרות, hidden things, which are to Hashem, and...
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Ki Savo

The passuk states, “יולך ה’ אותך… אל גוי אשר לא ידעת אתה ואבותיך ועבדת שם אלהים אחרים עץ ואבן Hashem will bring you… to a nation that you and your father did not know and you will worship there other gods of...
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Ki Seitzei

The passuk states “לא יבא עמוני ומואבי בקהל ה’…” which Onkelos translates as “Do not purify Amon and Moav to enter into the assembly of Hashem; even the 10th generation do not purify them to enter into the assembly of Hashem, forever.”...
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The pessukim talk about witnesses who testify in bais din to kill someone, and are found to be disproven. The passuk states ועשיתם לו כאשר זמם לעשות לאחיו which Onkelos translates as “And you shall do to him as he thought to...
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