Weekly Parsha Thoughts


The passuk states ואל אצילי בני ישראל לא שלח ידו ויחזו את האלוקים ויאכלו וישתו. Rashi explains that אצילי are great people, referring to Nadav, Avihu, and the seventy elders, which Hashem did not send out His hand to punish. This infers...
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The passuk states לא יהיה לך אחרים על פני. What do the words אחרים and על פני mean?   Rashi explains that אחרים means other people made it into gods, but in truth they are absolutely not a god. Or אחרים means...
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The passuk states “ויאמר מצרים אנוסה מפני ישראל כי ה’ נלחם להם במצרים.” Rashi explains: We shall flee from before Yisrael because Hashem is fighting against the Egyptians for them, and we better leave or we will be terminated. Rashi brings another...
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The passuk states “ ויהי חשך על ארץ מצריםand it will be darkness upon the land of Mitzrayim,” and the passuk ends וימש חשך”.” Rashi explains that the night will darken more than the standard darkness. The word וימש is from the...
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The passuk states by the makkah of ערוב, “If you do not send out My nation, הנני משליח בך… את הערב behold I will send against you… the ערוב.” Rashi explains that all types of wild and harsh animals, snakes and scorpions...
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The pessukim mention that Moshe and Aharon came to Pharaoh and requested to send out the nation and let them travel a distance of three days to bring korbanos to Hashem. Pharaoh responded, “למה משה ואהרון תפריעו את העם ממעשיו לכו לסבלותיכם.”...
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