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The passuk states, “three times during the year, all your males shall be seen before the Master, Hashem.” This teaches that there is a mitzva for Yisrael to ascend to the Bais HaMikdash for the three Yomim Tovim. The Gemara brings that when the Yidden would be oleh regel, the Kohanim would pick up the Shulchan with the Lechem HaPanim breads in order to show it to them, and say, “See how beloved you are before Hashem.” The breads were removed from the Shulchan just as they were arranged, as it states, “לשום לחם חם ביום הלקחו, to place hot bread on the day that it was taken. The Lechem HaPanim breads were baked before Shabbos (since they cannot be baked on Shabbos) and they stayed on the Shulchan an entire week, from one Shabbos to the next, and then were removed and eaten.” Rebi Yehoshua ben Levi said, “A great miracle happened with the Lechem HaPanim: it was removed while it was hot, the same way that it was on the day that it was arranged.” Rashi explains that Hashem performed a miracle to keep the week-old breads hot when they were removed, as though they were just baked! Tosfos explain that Hashem performed a miracle – that not only did they not spoil, but they were soft as though just baked. Furthermore, the Ritva says, that it was not possible to remove the bread at any time other than Shabbos, and it was not possible to see its heat or softness from afar. Therefore, it must hint at its steam rising up, which could be noticed at a distance. The breads were so hot, just as it was when it was placed there, that its steam rose up from the breads as though they just came out of the oven. Amazingly, this miracle occurred every single Shabbos, throughout the entire year!

The Gemara brings that Rav Katina said, “When Yisrael were oleh regel to the Bais HaMikdosh for the 3 Yomim Tovim, the Kohanim would open the Paroches and show Yisrael the Keruvim, which were attached together and hugging each other. The Kohanim would say, “See how much you are cherished before Hashem, as the love of a male with a female.” The way that the Keruvim faced was dependent on Yisrael. When Yisrael fulfilled the will of Hashem, the Keruvim miraculously faced each other, however, if they chas v’shalom did not fulfill the will of Hashem, they miraculously faced away from each other. They showed how beloved Yisrael is before Hashem, similar to expression of affection with a male and female. They would miraculously turn their faces to each other, to reflect the hanhaga of Hashem which was a sign that Hashem loved Yisrael. When Yisrael were oleh regel, they would see the Keruvim facing each other and hugging, which expressed immense affection between Hashem and Yisrael.

The Gemara brings that a miracle happened that broken pottery were absorbed in their place wherever they were put down in the Azarah. Rabeinu Bachya explains that the earthenware vessels that the sin-offering was cooked in them, needed to be broken, as it states, “and an earthenware vessel that will be cooked in it, shall be broken.” Rashi explains that any Kodshei Kodshim which were cooked in them had some absorptions that becomes nosar and requires breaking. The earthenware vessels which absorbed kodshim could not be brought out since there was no way to get rid of the absorbed kodshim; pottery absorbs but doesn’t expel, unlike metal vessels which absorb and expel. Their breaking needed to be done in a holy place. Therefore, wherever the Kohanim were in the Azarah, they broke the earthenware and put them down on the floor, and in that spot, they miraculously were absorbed into the ground. Rashi explains that if these earthenware vessels would not be absorbed, the entire Azarah would become full of pottery dumps. Rabeinu Elyakim explains differently, since the Kohanim walked around barefoot, they might step on the sharp shards of pottery and become injured. Hashem performed a miracle for the shards to become absorbed in the ground so that the Kohanim should not be harmed!

HaRav Brevda points out that there were exposed miracles which occurred in the Bais HaMikdash which were wondrous. One would stand by the Bais HaMikdash and experience miracles continuously. This was an extreme boost of visual inspiration, which would impress upon each person to believe in Hashem, trust Him, fear Him, and come close to Him. May Hashem rebuild the third Bais HaMikdash bimheira v’yameinu amen!

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