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The Gemara brings, a person who enters to measure his granary says a beracha, “It shall be the will of Hashem my G-d and the G-d of my father that He shall send beracha in this pile of grain.” If he first measures and afterwards says this beracha, it is a davening for naught. Beracha is found by something which is hidden from the eye as it stats יצו ה’ אתך את הברכה באסמיך, Hashem will command the blessing in your storehouse.” The words באסמיך hints to סמוי, something which is hidden from the eye.  The question arises, what is the difference between before and after one counts or measures his grain. Either way the grain is in the pile in front of you and it is the amount and measure of what is before you?

The Rabbeinu Bachya answers there are two types of miracles, hidden and revealed. The revealed miracles were those which Hashem performed when we left Mitzrayim, with the makkos, kriyas Yam Suf, mon, s’lav and the be’ar. These were changes in nature. The hidden miracles are that which happened with the Avos, for example Avraham won the battle against the kings. Although it seemed part of the ordinary routine of the world, they are all hidden miracles.

So too by the grain there is a difference in whether it will be a hidden miracle or a revealed miracle. When one davens regarding grain that is not counted or measured, beracha can take affect and the grain can increase without being noticed. However once it is counted and measured, it will be a revealed miracle. Not everyone merits to have such a miracle. Chazal intended with this teaching to point out that there are many hidden miracles daily and it takes effect with something that is not counted or measured.

The passuk in Mishlei states “יראת ה’ תוסיף ימים ושנות רשעים תקצרנה, fear of Hashem will add days, and the years of the resha’im He will shorten.” The Rabbeinu Bachya explains, this which a person’s life is lengthened or chas v’shalom shortened, is a hidden miracle. In general a person who worries and has fears is weakened and this may cause him to die early. Yet, the Tzaddikim who fear Hashem and are worried about their sins, will live longer. Also, generally people who eat enjoyable foods which makes them feel good, will have longer years. However with the resha’im it is the opposite, their years will be shortened. The passuk teaches about the actions of Hashem, He will lengthen and shorten years, which is a complete miracle yet is hidden from people.

Purim is known to be the Yom Tov in which we celebrate Hashem’s hidden miracles. The Shem Hashem is not mentioned throughout the Megillah, only in a hidden way. It is customary to get dressed up and to wear masks. Simply this is ונהפוך הוא, hinting that things were changed from what seemed destined to be. I’d like to explain, we get dressed up and put on masks to hide what seems to be the truth. It was not clear why Vashti was killed, Esther was chosen to be queen, Mordechai heard about Bigson and Seresh planning on assonating the king, or why Haman became ruler, and why there was a decree to kill all the Jews. It was unclear when this all happened, until the sequence of events unfolded and the entire picture clear and complete. Vashti was killed to appoint Esther to save the Jews. Haman became ruler to cause us to repent. Mordechai heard about Bigson and Seresh’s plan in order that he be written in the books and be presented exactly when Haman came to kill him. The Megillah is full of hidden miracles that Hashem performed to save us. People get dressed and wear masks to remind us that things might be hidden and unclear, but we need to notice Hashem is around performing hidden miracles.

May we pay attention and notice the hidden miracles which Hashem performs for us constantly.

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