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The pessukim state that Rivka told Yaakov to prepare food to bring to Yitzchok in order to receive Yitzchok’s brachos. Yaakov said, “I am smooth and Eisav is hairy, maybe Yitzchok will feel me and it will be as a mocking, and it will bring upon me curses and not blessings.” Rivka responds, “עלי קללתך בני.” What does this mean, and how does it solve Yaakov’s worry?

The Seforno explains that Rivka said, “If there will be any curses that shall befall you, I am accepting to be responsible for the consequences, you do not have to worry” This is similar to that which Shlomo Hamelech did. The Gemara brings that he accepted upon himself the curses of Yoav which befell him.

Onkelos translates these words as, “Upon me it was said in a prophecy that no curses will come upon you.” Since Rivka quoted a prophecy, Yaakov did not need to worry, because nothing bad will occur.

Where do we find this prophecy said to Rivka? The passuk states towards the beginning of the parsha, “ויתרוצצו הבנים בקרבה… ותלך לדרש את ה’” which Onkelos translates as, “And the children inside her stomach were pressing… and she went to seek teaching from before Hashem.” Hashem said to her that there are two nations her stomach which will split into two individual kingdoms. Afterwards the passuk states, “ורב יעבד צעיר” which Onkelos translates as “and the bigger one will be subjected to the little one.” The Rashbam explains that Rivka felt secure from the words “ורב יעבד צעיר” which express that the bigger one, Eisav, will be subjected to Yaakov, the smaller one. She was confident knowing that no curses will befall Yaakov.

Is the blessing of “ורב יעבד צעיר” guaranteed without condition? After Eisav convinces Yitzchok to bless him as well, Yitzchok says, “והיה כאשר תריד ופרקת עולו מעל צואריך.” Both Onkelos and Rashi explain: Yitzchok tells Eisav, when Yaakov will transgress the Torah there will be an opening to claim back the blessings that Yaakov took. The Gemara explains that Eisav will take the opportunity to rein and be king, while Yaakov will fall down. We see that although the brachos were told over from Hashem as a prophecy to Rivka, still there is a crucial clause that we must fulfill. If we fulfill the Torah we will keep the brachos and rein, if not, chas v‘shalom, we will lose them.

May Hashem help us constantly fulfill the Torah and thereby retain the brachos.

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